TechSkills Employer Board

The TechSkills Employer Board works closely with the rest the Employer Network and Educator Network to provide industry leadership for TechSkills, helping us to ensure the quality and impact of our work.

Employer Board Members


Wendy James


Leadership, Learning, Talent & Diversity Director

Adrian Love


Recruitment Director

“Amazon aims to support young children and adults in pursuing careers in tech by democratising knowledge and giving all individuals — regardless of their background, education, or social status — the opportunity to build technical skills. Our research shows the UK needs 21,000 more computer science graduates every year, or the economy faces losing up to £33bn a year by 2030. That’s why I am excited to join the board of TechSkills’ – to help more people through education, whatever their path may look like, and to set them up for success.”

Nicola Drury


UK Apprenticeship Manager

Nicola Westwood


Head of Apprenticeships

Steve Tellwright


HR Director

“I am thrilled to represent CGI on the TechSkills Employer Board, supporting the future talent pool of degree and degree apprenticeship graduates. At CGI we’re addressing the critical challenge for the tech industry by helping to build an inclusive IT workforce for the digital age. Through our commitment to the TechSkills’ board, we aim to inspire young people, from all backgrounds, by sharing our passion for high-tech careers and other professions that require training and education in technology.”

Rebecca Cackett


Early Careers Lead

Kathryn Baddeley


Head of CSR

“I see technology services as a key element of our future economic growth as can be demonstrated by the rise of FinTech in the UK. We need to grow our talent pipeline to become self-sufficient and be able to embrace future opportunities. I firmly believe careers in technology can be very inclusive and give opportunities for greater social mobility for those with a desire to learn and work hard. I’m delighted to join the TechSkills’ board to help develop the next generation of tech talent.”

Rana Bhattacharya

Cynergy Bank

Chief Digital & Information Officer

“I have been involved with this collective employer work since the beginning, and can vouch for its value. Employers care not just about technical skills, but also business skills, and, maybe even more, the interpersonal skills their staff have. The way employers collaborate to ratify course content means new recruits off these programmes are extremely valuable from the moment they walk in the door. I am very proud to be involved with Tech Industry Gold, and delighted to now be part of the TechSkills’ Employer Board.”

Rafik Ishani



Nick White


Head of Junior Talent, HR, Europe

“IBM has already worked with the Tech Partnership and Tech Partnership Degrees for many years to develop top quality Tech Gold Degrees and Degree Apprenticeships. I’m delighted to join the TechSkills’ Board as it’s really important for our industry that employers and academia continue to work together to grow the next generation of employable apprentices and graduates.”

Jenny Taylor


Foundation Manager & Early Professional Programmes

Simon Lambert


Chief Learning Officer

“Network Rail is delighted to support TechSkills. The industry is changing incredibly fast. We need talented people to bring their innovation and creativity to help us transform Britain’s railway going forward to learn from and work with our existing employees who have so much knowledge and experience to share. With industry and academia working together, the degrees and degree apprenticeships give students the breadth of skills and knowledge employers need today and for the future. I look forward to continuing to support this important work developing the next generation of talent.”

Helen Ford

Network Rail

Practice Manager, New Entrants Programme

Julie Pinder

NHS Digital

Chief People Officer

"I’m delighted that NHS Digital is an active member of TechSkills. As a leader in technology it is apparent to me that industry has a critical role to play in ensuring that we develop skills and talent through our education system to fuel the ever increasing demand for great people across our sector. TechSkills provides an essential platform to support this through bringing together employers, tech firms and educators, as well as providing students a highly effective way to develop relevant and important skills through the Tech Industry Gold Degree Programme."

Simon Bolton

NHS Digital

Recently retired

“I’m excited to be involved with TechSkills, for me it plays an important part in nurturing the next generation of UK tech talent. Top tech employers come together and work in collaboration with like-minded Universities across the UK to help students to develop the skills they need to make an instant impact in the tech workplace. I’m looking forward to helping TechSkills continue its excellent work towards building a more innovative and diverse UK tech industry.”

Andy Cripps


Managing Director

“SAS has been involved for many years and I am very pleased to join the TechSkills’ Board. SAS is committed to working with the TechSkills’ programmes quite simply because in our experience they create graduates and degree apprentices who are ‘fit for purpose’ for SAS and our clients.”

Geoffrey Taylor


Head of Academic Engagement, UK & Ireland

Vishal Gandhi


Head Talent Supply Chain

I am passionate about our future generations, particularly in relation to the technology space. I am delighted to be working with the TechSkills Employer Board, looking at how opportunities can be made available to so many more, with my personal interest in those more diverse candidates that potential more traditional university routes would not be an option. The world of technology and computing is so much more than purely coding, and working with TechSkills I hope we can attract the talent of the future into this highly rewarding industry.

Sarah Swatman


Solutions Engineering

“As a Tech Industry Gold alumnus from Lancaster University, I have always felt passionate about giving back to this community. As the pace of technology continues to accelerate, I believe the importance of developing our future digital leaders is more critical than ever. By committing to the TechSkills’ board, my aim is to bring to the table not just industry experience but also a voice from the alumni perspective. My hope is that more young people will embrace digital career paths and by seeing what Tech Industry Gold accredited degrees offer, they will then become highly sought after industry-ready graduates.”

Luke Pilfold-Thomas

We Do: Digital


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