The TechSkills Catalyst Degree Apprenticeship Conference –

 Our TechSkills Catalyst Degree Apprenticeships conference was in-person on Wednesday 22 June 2022 from 9am hosted by Staffordshire University.

The TechSkills Catalyst Degree Apprenticeships conference was an opportunity to connect with the Tech Industry Gold community of employers, universities, private learning providers and other important partners. Chaired by Jenny Taylor MBE from IBMUK Ltd, the day was an opportunity to explore the key themes of Levelling Up, Quality, GreenTech and Ambition when these speakers delivered ‘Tech Talks:’

  • Lindsay Conroy – UCAS Apprenticeship Programme Lead
  • Helen Dalton – the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education
  • Professor Kevin Hetherington – Deputy Vice Chancellor at Staffordshire University
  • Speakers from ManMet and Queen Mary London universities

Registrations have now closed

To watch all the TechTalks use the links below:

TechTalk 1- Levelling up

TechTalk 2- Quality

Christelle summarising TechTalk 1 and 2

TechTalk 3- GreenTech

TechTalk 4- Ambition

TechTalk 5- An apprentice perspective

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