Tech Industry Gold students bring together culture and tech at the National Gallery, organised by Deloitte


On 20th March, Tech Industry Gold students from Queen Mary University of London and the University of West London, took part in a Hackathon at the National Gallery organised by Deloitte to encourage students to realise that tech and culture could go together.

Students were presented with the challenge to “create something that helps people understand the public value of the cultural sector”. To gauge an understanding of the issues, students were encouraged to explore the gallery and interact with the public to help shape their propositions, before submission of their proposals to a panel of judges.

Once the students had compiled and practised their presentations, they then had the opportunity to deliver them in the National Gallery’s theatre, to an audience comprising digital experts, National Gallery staff, and academics.

The judging criteria included ratings for good teamwork, credible ideas and compelling concepts.

Each presentation was well thought through and creative, where some teams explored the challenges and barriers to young people visiting galleries whilst others developed ways to enhance the experience.

The winning team from Queen Mary University of London provided excellent story-telling to educate, include and engage young people to experience art and culture. The winning idea will be developed at the Deloitte Digital ‘Mash Up Day’ in the coming weeks, where students will have the opportunity to attend and explore the next stages of their concept’s development.

Thank you to Deloitte for creating an innovative concept and the National Gallery for hosting.

We look forward to hearing more about the winning idea’s development in due course.

View the event’s highlights