Tech Industry Gold student helps to create online platform to support Covid-19 sufferers

Karolina Bargiel QMUL


Since the start of the lockdown, we’ve heard wonderful stories from war veteran Tom Moore’s incredible fund-raising achievement to the momentous number of people who have signed up to support the extremely vulnerable. All these stories provide many with inspiration and comfort during these unprecedented times.

Tech Industry Gold degree student, Karolina Bargiel, who is studying ITMB at Queen Mary University of London shared her recent experience taking part in an online version of the Techstars Startup Weekend, where she helped to launch a platform for people to share their experiences if they’ve contracted the coronavirus.

Karolina explains further:

‘Last weekend I had the opportunity to take part in the Techstars Startup Weekend – Unite to Fight Covid-19 – UK. The idea of Techstars Startup Weekends was already familiar to me, as the events are held regularly, and they are 54-hour long hackathons designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. But this time, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the whole experience was run online.

The weekend was full of interesting talks and webinars, related to health and technology solutions which can help us fight the pandemic. I had a chance to e-meet and talk to people who on a day to day basis work with tech in the health sector.

Most of the time was spent working with my team to launch our start-up idea ‘Covid-19 stories’ – a platform for people to give their accounts of their experience of having the coronavirus (COVID-19).

I was lucky enough to collaborate with professionals from medical, business, and technological backgrounds as well as students. We all came together to make something good for the others, but also to simply have creative fun and get out of our daily quarantine routine.

Staying connected to others and the industry is very important right now to remain personally motivated and upbeat. We are all in this together.

And events like this which allow you to have fun, learn and network simultaneously prove just that.’

For more information about the TechStars Startup

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