Tech Industry Gold North Event Competition 2019

This year’s Tech Industry Gold Student/Employer Event takes place on 20th November 2019, where Tech Industry Gold degree students from across the UK will present a tech concept to impress employers.

The competition details kindly sponsored by Deloitte are now revealed.

This year’s challenge is asking Tech Industry Gold degrees students to explore how personal data can be used to reduce the cost of university fees.

  • Would you be willing to share your data in exchange for reduced student fees?
  • To what extent and how much data are you willing to share?
  • Would you be okay with sharing data which helps for ‘research purposes’ and could then be ‘sold’ onto pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, financial services or manufacturers?

Whatever your example or scenario you must think about the ethical implications at all times. Data ethics may change in the future. How can you make sure your model is robust enough?

Deloitte Competition Briefing Pack (PDF)

Be bold, explore and think laterally.


First-year students:

Create a poster (minimum A1) proposition. This can take any form, we want you to be as creative as possible.

Stuck for inspiration? Consider designing: a university application, a price comparison website (think life insurance), a written contract to your university…

Basically, try to make your proposition as memorable as possible, make it stand out.

Second, final years and MSci students:

Create a presentation to pitch your proposition for a free higher education to our judges.

We suggest ditching the PowerPoint slides and getting creative. Think about how best to persuade your university to give you a degree for free, to convince them you’re worth it.

Just remember that this is your chance to expose the value locked into undergraduates, to make a case for exchanging tuition fees for something of even more commercial value.

Judging criteria:

We’re looking for the team who harnesses technology in the most imaginative way possible.




Presentation time: 7 mins (you will be stopped if you go over time).
Questions and answers from judges: 3 mins.
Immediate judge feedback and reflection: 5 mins.
Winners will be announced at the winners showcase at the end of the day.
Register your team:

To compete in this competition, you must be a fully registered team prior to the event.

Instructions for entering a team:

Get your teams together asap – we recommend no more than 6-8 participants and a minimum of 2 participants (see the small print for full team instructions)

To submit a team, you must register your team at [email protected] by midnight on Friday 8th November 2019 with the following information; names of (ideally) all of the participants, your university and a preferred lead email address, should we need to get in touch with your group.

N.B. We do not need your competition idea before the day. If you are having knock-out rounds at your university after this date, please just let us know that you will be submitting a team and provide us with the names when you can.

The small print (please read)

One team per university is permitted for the first year competition and two teams for the second/final year competition. It is recommended that you choose your final team(s) to represent your university on the day of the event by having ‘knock out rounds’ at your university before the event. The TP Degrees team can assist with this, so do contact us at [email protected] if you wish for us to be involved in the this at your university.
If your university offers both the ITMB and SEfB degrees, you may submit teams from each course. However, you may wish to merge your teams with both ITMB and SEfB to better access different skills.

IMPORTANT: Any teams that do not register before the day cannot be added to the schedule on the day of the event, so do ensure you let us know you are submitting a team beforehand.
If you’ve registered but can no longer take part, you must let us know before the day – this is important because it can impact on the day’s schedule.

The judging panel will be led by Deloitte and will include other IT leaders from industry.

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