Tech Industry Gold degree competition 2022/23

Tech Titans 2023 competition

We are delighted to be working with our partner BT as we explore the fast moving and innovative areas of drone and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology and its potential application and usage to automate, autonomise and enhance University or Campus life.


Students are tasked with setting up a safety programme at their university campus using drones and their service and security capabilities. They must consider the service the drones will fulfil and how this drone / multiple drones can be used on campus to improve the safety of all students whilst also considering all the practical implementation implications that using this technology may encounter.

Students will need to

Outline their idea and innovation and must also consider how they would tackle associated privacy issues, collision detection and avoidance, autonomy and how to gain the trust and buy in of users. Think about how you will apply business, project and interpersonal skills into your project as well as your technical skills.

An example idea includes a drone monitoring a student to make sure they get home safely from the library late at night.

More details

The finalist team or individual from each university will pitch to industry professionals on 1st March 2023 during our spring event hosted at Edgbaston stadium , the exact timings will be confirmed to each team or individual by 22nd February.

There are two entry/prize categories:

  • First year student teams or individuals
  • Second and final year student teams or individuals

Each team or individual will be asked to pitch live for up to a maximum of five minutes to a panel of employer judges followed by a Q&A session.

You can use any media, animation, props, or prototypes in your live pitch.  Be as creative as you can and have fun!

Please also have a look at our brief presentation that we hope will help with some initial ideas and thoughts.

The winning team or individual in each category will receive a trophy, digital credential and £600. The runner up team or individual will receive a digital credential and £400. There will also be individual spot prizes to students who stand out within teams if appropriate.

Next steps

You will need to provide the team or individual name, year group and university to [email protected] by midnight on 9th December 2022. You do not need to provide any other information at this point, it is just so we know how many teams or individuals will be entering for scheduling purposes.

You will need to provide a one-page summary (words/photographs/diagrams) of your idea to [email protected] by midnight on 26th February 2023 for review by judges before your presentation.

We wish you every success and both ourselves and BT are really excited to see what you come up with!

Please contact Olivia Cassar ([email protected]) if you have any questions