Tech Industry Gold alumni show the path to a digital career

What’s the secret to getting into a successful digital career? Which universities offer the best programmes? Am I the right person for the job?

With an estimated 600,000 vacancies in digital technology in the UK *, the sector is keen to attract all the available talent into tech roles, with greater emphasis than ever on inclusion and diversity. There is a huge range of opportunities, and whether you are most motivated by tech, business or working with people there will be many options to capture your imagination.

We’ve brought together the voices of some Tech Industry Gold Alumni to showcase their varied pathways into rewarding, successful digital careers. While they come from many different universities, they have one thing in common – they all studied a degree that is Tech Industry Gold accredited and therefore developed and delivered in collaboration with employers.

Find out more about our alumni’s stories, including Leroy (Head of Technology at, Carrie-Anne (Account Executive at Microsoft), Ross (Lead Service Analyst at Natwest Group), Johti (Software Engineer at the Economist) and Josh (Founder and Director of Able Move Ltd).

Discover more about the ‘unfair advantage’ provided by a Tech Industry Gold degree – including a curriculum that really meet employers’ needs and plenty of opportunities to build relationships with employers, for example through regular live talks, events, competitions and placements. Employers support Tech Industry Gold students because of their commitment to growing the digital talent pipeline of the future and giving individuals every opportunity to succeed.

Find out more about our alumni and how to start on your Tech Industry Gold journey


* 2019 BCS Insights Report