The Tech Allies’ Summer Institute offers fantastic opportunity to first-year tech undergraduates

Samuel Adjei Summer Institute

Name: Samuel Adjei
Degree title: Tech Industry Gold accredited degree – Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB)
University: University of the West of England (UWE)

The Tech Allies is an alumni network comprising Tech Industry Gold accredited degree graduates and other tech graduates. The network provides quarterly evening seminars, visits to schools to inspire young people in to the world of tech, and a Summer Institute programme for first-year tech undergraduates. We caught up with a Tech Industry Gold undergraduate, Samuel Adjei, who secured a place on the two-week Summer Institute programme.

What is the Tech Allies’ Summer Institute?

The Summer Institute is a two-week programme which takes place in July. First-year tech undergraduates take part in masterclasses and project management at different companies over the course of the programme.

What was a typical day like?

The day would start off with an induction from the host company. We would then be set a task to perform relating to the company, using design thinking and agile methodologies. The day also involved working in project groups and iterating on our challenge project statement which would be presented at the end of the programme.

What did you learn?

I didn’t expect to learn so much. I learned about presentation skills and how to use various techniques. I found that practising ‘power stances’ made me feel more confident and comfortable while I was presenting. I also learned about Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Value Proposition Canvas and Double Diamond. My experience at the Summer Institute has given me great tools to use in future projects.

How has the experience helped you with your studies?

The experience has helped me understand my strengths when it comes to presenting and working in a corporate environment. The experience has helped me develop a clearer direction in my future career. The opportunity to visit companies, such as Barclays and IBM, has given me a wonderful experience and insight into the world of work.

What are your plans next year at university?

My plan is to end my second year with a first and continue learning about programming, along with my studies. I am excited for the new challenges ahead. I am looking forward to competing at the Tech Industry Gold North and South events!

Why did you choose a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

I chose a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree because of the blend of technology and business. It is also practical in the way it covers real world scenarios in an academic setting.

What do you like about your Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

I love the Tech Industry Gold events which take place twice a year. They give students an opportunity to meet with employers, impress and gain insight into the world of work. The events also involve universities competing against each other and presenting to employers. It’s a brilliant way to network and to work on those important presentation skills, as well as working in teams and on projects.

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