Spotlight: Northumbria University brings Tech Industry Gold to Newcastle

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As a business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence, Northumbria University has been delivering a high-quality IT management for Business (ITMB) degree course since its creation in 2005.

Developed in direct partnership with blue chip companies and delivered by experienced lecturers, this honours degree delivers the skills and abilities that companies are looking for. Northumbria offers 2 options of study – the 3 years full-time course or the 4 year option with the opportunity to spend a year taking an industrial placement or studying abroad.

With backgrounds in areas as diverse as Systems Implementation, Human Computer Interaction and Project Management, Northumbria’s ITMB degree lecturers draw on their business and research expertise to inform their teaching and to help students understand the theoretical and practical aspects of technology and the vital role it plays in business.

The university’s well-established links with employers provide networking opportunities and the chance to understand the broad range of career opportunities open to you.

Northumbria is top ten in the UK for the number of graduates entering professional employment and nine out of ten of our graduates are working or studying six months after graduation. Innovative and entrepreneurial, the university is also ranked fourth in the UK for graduate business start-ups.

Northumbria University is based in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne which is regularly hailed as one of the best cities for student life, this is partly due to the city’s compactness, which makes it large enough to be vibrant and exciting while small enough to feel like home. It’s also due to the sheer number of students: one in every six people in the city is a student.


As Liam Jack, First Clas Honours ITMB graduate from Northumbria University puts it:

“If you are interested in IT or business, then this is a degree for you. You don’t always need a technical background as everyone starts from a common ground with the aim to ensure each student develops the skills employers want. The degree gives you an ‘unfair advantage’ so it’s an opportunity not to be missed.”

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