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A university in the heart of Cambridge, ARU is one of the UK’s leading providers of degree apprenticeships and in the top 10% of Higher Education providers in the country for skills and enterprise – with over 350 regional and national partner employers and over 2,000 apprentices. As part of its growing suite of degree apprenticeship courses, ARU offers the Tech Industry Gold accredited BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship and the MSc Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (Data Analytics) Degree Apprenticeship. The university was awarded Silver in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship

Molly Peeters - Anglia Ruskin UniversityTech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships offer students opportunities that they might have never considered as they provide the flexibility to work and study at the same time, as Molly Peeters (pictured) at Sepura, says:

“I never thought university would be for me, but Anglia Ruskin has given me the opportunity to apply what I am taught to my daily work, which helps me to retain the information. I also like the idea of being able to earn while I’m studying and gain a degree and work experience at the same time.”


Laura Cain - Anglia Ruskin UniversityIt’s not just new entrants who benefit, as existing employees can take advantage of Tech Industry Gold degree apprenticeships, as Laura Cain (pictured), at Ground Control confirms:

“I’m upskilling and improving my knowledge, which is beneficial to my employer, and personally, it’s giving me an insight into which area of Tech I want to go into.”

Laura published a blog providing insight into the benefits of the programme and has since gained a well-earned promotion at work. Read Laura’s blog 


The degree apprenticeship arms students with the technical and professional skills needed for a career in the digital technology sector, offering three specialist pathways in either Software Engineering, Cyber Security Analysis or Network Engineering.  Designed with the support of Cambridge’s leading tech companies, the course enables students to study for an honours degree while at work, with no tuition fees.  Josh Nicholls at Nicholls Law affirms that degree apprenticeships are the ‘smart choice’ to earn a degree.

“I knew that I wanted to undertake a degree to further my career and prospects with Nicholls Law. Degree Apprenticeships are a smart choice for anyone wishing to gain the expertise and accreditation that a degree course offers – whilst maintaining the stability of a job. ARU is embracing the future of learning and by providing degree apprenticeships.”

MSc Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analytics) Degree Apprenticeship

The MSc Digital and Technology Solutions (Data Analytics) course has been developed in consultation with leading employers and education experts, Cambridge Spark, and seeks to build the advanced data science talent to meet emerging demand. Nee Barnor (pictured) from Cambridge assessment says “I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to learn through my apprenticeship. I am now able to advance alternative solutions to work problems that I would have struggled with without the apprenticeship.”

Apprentices like Nee are learning in a flexible way with the support of ARU’s team of expert tutors. Nee said “My MSc apprenticeship course leader Dr Vicinanza has re-ignited my interest in Time Series and R. Embedding has been fascinating. It goes to show how much progress can be made in a subject over a short period. I can see myself using this for a long time in my career.”

You can read more about Dr Vicinanza’s recent fascinating research on a project to celebrate NASA’s Pleiades supercomputer and its role in the successful Mars InSight mission.

Employers invest in their talent pipeline

By offering degree apprenticeships to existing employees, employers are investing in their talent pipeline says Nicola Anderson, Head of Apprentice Development at Thales.

“Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeships work for Thales. We proudly invest in apprentices to build high quality and early talent for the business.”

Flexible learning

As Mark Thomas, owner and CEO of Coderus confirms: “The structure of the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship course at ARU provides a great framework for us to fulfil our training obligations. Our apprentices receive high-quality university-level teaching whilst being able to apply their knowledge in the workplace through academic study and on the job training.”

The Faculty of Science & Engineering is one of the largest of the four faculties at ARU and has a singular purpose: to provide a world-class environment to create, share and advance knowledge in science, technology and engineering fields.

The degree apprenticeship is offered as a blended learning route with week-long teaching blocks for an immersive study experience, therefore making it accessible for both employers and apprentices from across the country.


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