Survey to seek opinions on the continued inclusion of a degree within the Level 6 Digital & Technology Solutions apprenticeship

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The following information from Jenny Taylor, Chair of the Digital Industries Trailblazer Group, explaining why this survey is very important and asking you to complete it.

For everyone who has an interest in the BSc Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship programme, we are at a crucial moment in time. If we want to keep the degree in the programme, and I believe we all do, we need to build a substantial body of supporting evidence. This supporting evidence will be used in a business case that will be submitted to the IFATE when we submit the updated BSc Digital & Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship Standard and End-Point Assessment Plan for formal review.

Everyone needs to spell out their needs very explicitly. To simply say we would like to keep the degree in this degree apprenticeship will fail, and the IFATE will instruct us to remove it. We must have hard evidence showing the degree is an essential component.

We are asking employers, degree apprentices (current, prospective and those who’ve graduated), universities, further and higher education colleges, private training providers, schools and sixth form colleges and parents/guardians to participate in the survey. However, the most important responses will be those from employers as these will carry the most weight with the IFATE.

The following is a link to the survey we have created to gather everyone’s inputs and views.

Degree Apprenticeship Survey

The survey is predominantly a set of multiple-choice questions but if you have strong views please do share them in the comments boxes provided as these will provide valuable insights.

The survey will be available until midnight on Sunday, 15th March 2020. However, it will be appreciated if you would complete the survey ASAP and also ask your work colleagues to complete it too as we want as many views as possible.

In addition to completing the survey please would employers, universities, further and higher education colleges and private training providers:

  • Urge current degree apprentices, and those who have graduated from the programme, to complete the survey?
  • Ask prospective degree apprentices (if you have access to them) to complete the survey?
  • Ask your degree apprentices to share this survey with their schools, sixth form colleges, parents and friends for their input?
  • Share this with employers you work with who you think would want to complete the survey?

It’s likely some people will get this survey from more than one source but given the importance of the topic, it’s better people receive it more than once than not at all.

In addition to completing the survey, please would employers write letters of support on headed paper and signed by the most senior person in your companies you can find? Please would you address these letters to me in soft copy or at the address below and email a copy to Bob Clift ([email protected]).

Many thanks for all your help,

Jenny Taylor CMgr MCMI
IBM UK Foundation Manager
IBM UK Early Professional Programmes
IBM United Kingdom Limited
76/78 Upper Ground, South Bank