Sadiq Alibhai, Loughborough University / Heathrow Airport Ltd

Sadiq Alibhai - Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Congratulations to Sadiq Alibhai for joining our Tech Industry Gold Class of 2020! Sadiq completed a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree, studying at Loughborough University and completed a year’s placement at Heathrow Airport Ltd.  Find out more about Sadiq’s experience.

Name: Sadiq Alibhai
University: Loughborough University
Degree: BSc Information Technology Management for Business
Classification: 1st Class
Title of Dissertation: Data visualisation to assist in the smart parking trial at Heathrow Airport’s Compass Centre car park.
Employer: Heathrow Airport Ltd ( 1-year placement)
Job Title: Innovation Analyst

Firstly – how are you and how have you been managing during the lockdown?

I am doing well thanks! Initially, it was quite challenging getting used to doing everything at home, but I learned that sticking to a routine ensured that I was able to exercise, work productively, and even have time to relax.

What was the best experience of your Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

The opportunity to complete a placement year. I spent the year working for Heathrow Airport Ltd, where I was part of supporting the airport’s PA system, trialling passenger connection podiums, and playing around with wayfinding robots! However, I was fortunate enough to see a variety of the various operations, including the air-traffic control tower, the baggage system, and the Airport Operations Centre. I even managed to take part in the annual midnight marathon, where I had the chance to run on the runway!

What was the most challenging experience of your Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

The balance between business and tech modules. Whilst I loved that this made my degree unique, it was initially difficult to switch my mindset from tech to business or vice-versa. However, over time I managed to develop a better understanding of the link between the two.

What would you say now, to yourself, before you enrolled on your degree?

Enjoy every moment of the journey. Appreciate the successes but more importantly, learn from the failures. Never be content and always strive for improvement!

What would you say to anyone considering a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

Don’t waste any more time and get enrolled right away! The courses have been developed in collaboration with employers which ensures that you’re learning all the skills required for the workplace and that you come out of the degree with a large network of connections that will help you out in the future.

What are your career plans?

I am currently deciding between staying in education and completing an MSc in cybersecurity or looking for a job which utilises my business and technological skills that I have developed over the past 4 years. 

Who inspires you? 

Jurgen Klopp is my biggest inspiration; he always has a smile on his face regardless of whether his team is winning or losing. He has also managed to change Liverpool fans from doubters to believers and has taught me that with hard work, nothing is impossible!

Anything else to add?

A special thanks to everyone who has believed in me and supported me along the way, including my wonderful lecturers at Loughborough University, my co-workers at Heathrow Airport, and my friends and family. A special thanks to the Tech Partnership Degrees for providing me with the opportunity to be able to study both of my passions – business and technology.

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