Ryan Samuels, Loughborough University

Ryan Samuels - Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Congratulations to Ryan Samuels for joining our Tech Industry Gold Class of 2020! Ryan completed a Tech Industry Gold MSci degree, studying at Loughborough University. Find out more about Ryan’s experience.

Name: Ryan Samuels
University: Loughborough University
Degree Title: Information Technology Management for Business
Classification:  Integrated Masters (MSci) 2:1
Title of Dissertation: ‘Big data for Small Businesses’ and ‘International Social Media’

Firstly – how are you and how have you been managing during the lockdown?

I have been managing surprisingly well. I am trying to make the best use of my time; I have been using LinkedIn Learning to brush up on some skills and am actually taking a course titled ‘Becoming a multimedia specialist’ which teaches various skills from camerawork to editing and scriptwriting [Editor: That sounds fantastic thanks for sharing!]

What was the best experience of your Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

For me, the best experience was when my class was split into groups and we had the task of coming up with a tech solution to a real-world problem. I came up with the idea of using an app to help solve the issue of overcrowding in Barcelona. The app would work by detecting when an area was becoming overcrowded and offer limited-time deals at popular restaurants/tourist attractions in less crowded areas in order to encourage people to be more spread out through the city as opposed to crowding in certain areas. We then entered a sponsored competition and had to present our idea to a set of judges. 

What was the most challenging experience of your Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

The most challenging part would be coping with the vast subject area that the ITMB degree covers. With a course that ranges from accounting and statistics to web development and software engineering, there are bound to be subjects that are more challenging. However, if you put in the effort then it is very worthwhile. I now feel that I am very well rounded in my technical knowledge. 

What would you say now, to yourself, before you enrolled on your degree?

I would tell myself to be prepared to work hard and be open and excited to learn a range of topics, not just the ones I had an interest in.

What would you say to anyone considering a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree?

I would encourage them to go for it as there is so much to learn which will be valuable throughout your career, whatever path you choose. There are also lots of industry connections that can make it easier to find a placement or a graduate job.

What are your career plans?

I am looking for a role that will make use of the IT skills and business acumen that have been developed while studying the ITMB course. The degree is very well suited for a job as an IT consultant.

Who inspires you? 

Elon Musk inspires me as he is always looking to the future, never content with how things are he is always thinking about how things could be.

Anything else to add?

Thanks to Loughborough University and Tech Partnership Degrees for doing a wonderful job preparing me for the next stage of my life. [Editor: You’re very welcome and good luck.]

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