Industry accreditation for Queen Mary University of London and the University of West London



Tech Partnership Degrees is delighted to announce the successful re-accreditation of Tech Industry Gold degree programmes at Queen Mary University of London and the University of West London which took place on 17th October 2019.

Programmes which carry Tech Industry Gold accreditation are re-assessed every five years to ensure their continued quality and relevance to the current and future workplace. Leading employers including IBM, Deloitte and WMware met with representations from the universities as the culmination of the re-accreditation process, which resulted in success for Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)’s Computer Science with Management BSc and Software Engineering for Business BSc and the University of West London (UWL)’s IT Management for Business BSc.

Colin Bannister, VP of Solutions Engineering EMEA, at VMWare, explained: “Tech Industry Gold accredited degrees give graduates an ‘unfair advantage’ as they enter employment: the benefits are clear in both academic achievement and career advancement.”

Antonios Kaniadakis, Course Leader at QMUL, reflected on the process: “We’re delighted with this outcome. Tech Industry Gold degrees stand out because of the community of industry experts, employers and alumni that actively support them. We are grateful for the active involvement of employers, including in the re-accreditation review itself where we were able to discuss changes in industry and what it means to the balance of skills that are most valued. This helps us to dynamically adapt our module content and keep our programmes really relevant and up to date”.

From UWL, Course Leader Liz Sokolowski added “The Tech Industry Gold accredited ITMB degree is the jewel in the crown and achieves excellent results. We can see the added value, as industry leaders and academics have come together to create a curriculum relevant to industry and enables graduates to be highly employable”.

Sue Stevens, Director of University Relations at Tech Partnership Degrees, said: “It is fantastic the way the Tech Industry Gold accreditation process brings forward thinking universities together with leading employers, working in collaboration to help students develop the skills they need for successful careers. Congratulations to QMUL and UWL for their re-accreditations and their impressive contribution to the futures of their students.”

About Tech Industry Gold

Tech Industry Gold is the industry accreditation for digital & tech degrees and degree apprenticeships.

Tech Industry Gold programmes are accredited by employers through Tech Partnership Degrees. The result of collaboration between HEIs and employers of digital specialists across all sectors, they are designed to meet learning outcomes defined by industry. These integrate the technical, business and interpersonal skills new recruits need to excel in digital careers in any sector of the economy. In addition, the active support of employers in delivery helps Tech Industry Gold courses provide an exceptional undergraduate experience.