Queen Mary University of London records highest mobility rate in the country

logo of Queen Mary University of London

Congratulations to our partner institution Queen Mary University of London, for achieving best in country for social mobility. The university was named in a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in partnership with the Sutton Trust and Department for Education.

The study looked at the proportion of students from low-income backgrounds at each university, and whether those students have moved up to the top of the income ladder by age 30. Using this data, each university is then given a “mobility rate”. Queen Mary recorded the highest mobility rate at 6.8%. The University has a high intake of students who were eligible for Free School Meals, and a significant proportion of these students went on to be in the top 20% of earners at age 30. The average mobility rate across all English universities in the study was 1.3%.

The study also looked at which courses at English universities are the best for mobility. Queen Mary features heavily: three of the top four courses are at Queen Mary (Computing, Maths, and Economics respectively).

Queen Mary University of London delivers the Tech Industry Gold accredited programme BSc Computing Science with Management and the MSc Digital & Technology Solutions Specialist degree apprenticeship (Data Analytics).