Online ‘Open Chat’ for prospective degree students – book now

Do you want to get into tech and business? Or do you know someone who would be interested? If so, you’re invited to our online ‘Open Chat’ on Wednesday 10th June. Some of our Tech Industry Gold degrees alumni and employers will be available throughout, sharing their personal experiences, and happy to answer any questions, however big or small.

Covid-19 has changed the world dramatically. If you are a student considering degree options – whether for 2020, 2021 or beyond – you are doing so in a completely new environment.

There will be many factors in your choices, for example the course content, the university’s facilities, belonging to a community, the likelihood of getting a good degree. One of the most important matters is whether your degree will prepare you for a successful career in a very changeable world.

The best way to know what courses employers value is to choose one that is accredited by industry. Tech Industry Gold is the accreditation of the digital sector, and its purpose is to give graduates the best possible starts to their careers. Applications to accredited degrees are welcome from students of all A-level subjects.

You can join at anytime on the hour, between 16:00 and 19:00, on Wed 10 June.

Book now to secure your place for the ‘Open Chat’

In the meantime, for more info, watch the video below and access the brochure (PDF)

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Safeguarding of participants:

  • The Open Chat will be facilitated by Tech Partnership Degrees using the web-conferencing platform Webex.
  • Webex requires a password on entering the online meeting. 
  • Student participants must register their details using their school email address. They will be asked for their school’s name and school year.
  • Parents and guardians are most welcome to register and take part.

During the Open Chat:

  • The Tech Partnership Degrees’ team will ask all participants to switch off their videos and microphones. 
  • When participants wish to speak, they will be asked to only switch on their microphones. 
  • The chat room will be disabled.
  • The event will not be recorded.