New Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship available

The University of Gloucestershire’s BSc Cyber Security degree apprenticeship programme has now been accredited as Tech Industry Gold, with the unanimous support of all employers involved in the accreditation process.

This is the first accredited Cyber Security degree apprenticeship in the UK. We are delighted to welcome the University of Gloucestershire into the Tech Industry Gold community, and congratulate all the staff involved in developing this valuable programme.

The Tech Industry Gold accreditation ensures the programme is employer-defined and meet industry standards for content, delivery and assessment. As Jenny Taylor of IBM said during the review, employers highly value programmes with Tech Industry Gold accreditation as it gives them confidence in their quality and content.

As it is an apprenticeship, larger employers can use their levy funds and for smaller employers, the government pays 95% of the costs of training and assessment.

We hope many employers will take advantage of this new route for developing much needed cyber security skills in their workforce.

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