NAW 2022 Highly Commended- Anthony Doolan

We asked winners and highly commended of our National Tech Industry Gold Digital Degree Apprenticeship Awards 2022 to share their stories. Read Anthony’s story below and discover his passions about his journey, as well as tips for future degree apprentices.

Current role: Quality Assurance

Company: Lloyds Banking Group

Degree Apprenticeship: Digital & Technology Solutions (Cyber Security)

Awards Category: Business Contribution- Highly Commended


What made you choose a degree apprenticeship?

I have ALWAYS been a firm believer in continuous education, standing still is going backwards! Being older than your average student with associated debts (hello mortgage!) I couldn’t afford to give-up work to go back to full time education. The apprenticeship, something that worked alongside and complimented my job, is an ideal solution.

What benefits have you seen as a result of choosing a degree apprenticeship?

There are many but two major ones are

  • I am studying something now that wasn’t available when I was first at university (or was REALLY niche)
  • My team have been really supportive, and I have been able to join projects at times that mean I can apply learning directly and straight away. I have been offered opportunities that I wouldn’t have been had I not been on the apprenticeship scheme

What does following a Tech Industry Gold accredited programme mean to you?

I will finish with not one but two recognised qualifications that will be starting points for more continuous learning.

What did winning the award mean to you?

It’s meant tonnes, it’s external recognition of internal achievements and something I have set my sights on for a couple of years now!

How has winning the award helped in the workplace?

One of my objectives has been to win a national award, so that has been met.

What recommendations would you give to those considering a tech/IT/digital career?

Read read read, it is continuously evolving and changing with (in my field) new techniques, tools, attacks and vulnerabilities appearing all the time.

What guidance would you give to those thinking about a degree apprenticeship?

Don’t be disillusioned, it’s hard work and gets harder the longer it goes on for, try and stay on top of your work for university and if you are struggling, talk to people about it don’t suffer in silence!