More employers than ever at the latest Tech Industry Gold student event

South Events 2019 - winners


Representatives from thirty companies devoted the day to inspiring, informing and helping Tech Industry Gold students at the latest student / employer event in London on 13th March 2019. These twice-yearly events are a core part of the unique employer experience that helps Tech Industry Gold graduates achieve outstanding academic and employment results.


“…these events are something unique that has made all my friends from different subjects jealous, because of the direct link with employers…. thanks Tech Partnership Degrees!”

Tech Industry Gold student


A highlight of the day was an IBM-sponsored competition where teams of students presented their ideas for exploiting AI technologies in innovative ways. In line with the central principle of Tech Industry Gold degrees, which is to combine the technical, business and interpersonal skills most in demand in industry, the employer panels considered factors such as technical creativity, business viability, presentation skills and teamwork in making their judgements.


The winning first year team from the Loughborough University shared a novel and well researched idea to help visually impaired people in the workplace with a robotic dog, complete with a 3D printed model and business plan.  While the winning second year team from the University of West London presented a solution for addressing loneliness and drop out rates among first-year students.


“…what a brilliant event, attended by so many brilliant students! Thank you for inviting us.”

Twitter @fujitsugrads

Employers particularly enjoyed the speed networking sessions, because of the constant flow of students and the way the students had questions to start conversations off.  Speed networking gave the students the opportunity to meet with all of the employers, learning more about companies large and small and what they are looking for when recruiting into digital roles.


Four students impressed employers and were offered a day inside Telefonica, Global and VMWare where they will get a unique insight into the organisations’ operations. A list of all the winners is available here:


First Year Competition

Winners: Loughborough University
Lara Pearson / Toby Oates / Luke Eason / Jack Squires / Shivani Karsan / Aldrich Fernandes

Second: University of the West of London 

Third: Queen Mary University of London 


Second / Final Year Competition

Winners: University of the West of London
Deborah Evangelista / Mihaela Roman / Ricardo Nobrega / Adeniyi Olumuyiwa / Adam Hazem

Second: Queen Mary University of London 

Third: Loughborough University 


Competition Individual Spot Prizes
Lara Pearson – Loughborough University / Nowman Islam – University of the West of London

Tweet of the Day – Benji Escalera (University of the West of England, Bristol)

Telefonica ‘Shadow a Digital Leader’ prizes – Mary Obembe (Aston University), Kukku George (Aston University)

Global Visit & Mentoring Prize – Joseph Murnane (University of the West of England, Bristol)

VMWare ‘Shadow VP of Presales, EMEA’ prize – Mihaela Roman (University of the West of London)


Watch the highlights below:

More feedback from students and employers:

I really liked how the speed networking was done this time. I felt a lot more comfortable as I knew what questions to ask.
Tech Industry Gold student Feedback Survey March 2019

Such a good event to not only network with employers but also students from other universities.
Tech Industry Gold student Feedback Survey March 2019

..the students who attended were engaged and keen to talk to employers.
Employer Feedback Survey March 2019

I thought the ‘speed networking’ worked really well – it gave the students some questions to start the conversation off as well as ensuring there was a constant flow of student.
Employer Feedback Survey March 2019


Grateful thanks for their support at this event are due to:

Ablemove, Accenture, Air Products, Barclays, BT, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, EY, FDM, Federation of Small Businesses, Fujitsu, Global, GSK, IBM, IBM iX, Lloyds Banking Group, Metomic, NextGen Skills Academy, O2, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble, Salesforce, Shell, Tata Consultancy Services, Telefonica, Ten10, Ultima Business Solutions, Umeand, and VMware.

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