Tech Industry Gold students take part in Master Class delivered by IBM

IBM Master Class


Tech Industry Gold first and second-year students took part in a master class on employability skills and design thinking at Loughborough University. The one-day workshop, facilitated by a team from IBM, was a fantastic opportunity for the undergraduates. 

The master-class was an activity-based session built around the Design Thinking process. Students were split into groups where they considered a problem that needed to be solved. The activity ranged from creating an app for the healthcare sector to analysing customers purchasing behaviours. The design workshop gave the students the opportunity to collaborate, problem-solve and innovate. These processes can be applied to all sectors and all teams, in business, and therefore be useful to everyone.

It was an excellent full day of activity where the students applied relevant employability skills required in the workplace including teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and creativity.

Thank you to IBM for delivering an innovative and dynamic workshop and to Loughborough University for organising the day.