ITMB student reveals first steps into the world of start-ups

Emanuele Maccotta is studying the ITMB degree course, accredited by industry and the Tech Partnership, at Loughborough University. The degree course has given him the opportunity to explore his entrepreneurial skills and has contributed to his recent acceptance on the ‘Year in Enterprise’ placement. Here, he explains his entrepreneurial journey.

“My name is Emanuele Maccotta.

I’m a second-year student studying the ITMB degree course, accredited by industry and The Tech Partnership, at Loughborough University.

I’m on the road to become an entrepreneur.

So how did it all begin?

Well, a few months ago, I went to a start-up business event. I’m not really sure what brought me there but I was curious and a little nervous. The event titled ‘Millionaire code – vita di un imprenditore’, focused on how to start an online business using social media and email marketing. I thought, ‘this could be very interesting’.

Although I felt out of my depth as there were so many people there with years of experience, I took a deep breath and began networking and speaking with people.

Through these conversations, I met the person who is now my mentor. He has been an incredible support teaching me the art of successful business decision making.

My mentor explained that to start a business you don’t need all the expertise right away as we all need to start from somewhere. His advice made me feel more confident and motivated exploring entrepreneurship. My mentor has taken me under his wing and I’m now working towards building a successful start-up which aims to help businesses use social media and email marketing to grow their client base.

A key highlight to my entrepreneurship journey was when my mentor invited me to speak to an audience of over a thousand people. This was an incredible experience presenting in an auditorium where I had the opportunity to share my experiences and my aspirations. Since then, I was accepted onto the ‘Year in Enterprise’ placement to formally start my business which I am thrilled about.

I have already taken my first steps into the start-up world, pitching my idea to a group of investors who may be able to help me in the future. My business concept is to develop a platform where businesses can share their services to clients. Although there may be competitors already out there, I believe my business idea has unique aspects – but I can’t reveal all of them just yet! I hope to have an enterprise to promote and publicise in the future.

Whatever happens, I am always actively looking for new opportunities.

This is just the start, but I am excited to see where this takes me.”

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