Industry rallies behind Tech Industry Gold Degrees

Further to the Tech Partnership’s announcement of 4th October 2017, employers were quick to reassure universities and students of their ongoing support for the industry-accredited degrees IT Management for Business (ITMB) and Software Development for Business.

These degrees, accredited as Tech Industry Gold by panels of leading employers, deliver outstanding employment and academic outcomes with over 3,000 graduates to date. There is consistently high employment rates and 87% of the 2017 graduates achieved 1sts or 2:1s. Employers work with universities to assure the content of the degrees, and actively support their delivery with guest lectures, work placements and other developmental opportunities.

The Tech Partnership has announced that its operations will cease in September 2018 as a result of changes in government policy for skills, but confirms that employer commitment to Tech Industry Gold degrees is undiminished. The Tech Partnership will be supporting the existing courses as normal through to the end of this academic year, and will announce arrangements for the ongoing operation of the accreditation scheme in due course.

Jenny Taylor, head of graduate recruitment at IBM said: “IBM is a major supporter of Tech Industry Gold degrees. Students benefit from the highest quality, industry-backed course which give them a real advantage in a competitive job market. We look forward to continuing to work with the universities offering these degrees, as we see first hand what a difference they make to students, and to us as employers as those students enter the workforce.”

Phil Smith, Chairman Cisco UK and Ireland and Chair of the Tech Partnership also assured students and universities of employers’ continued commitment, saying: “We are delighted with the success of Tech Industry Gold industry accreditation. It has been a game changer, as demonstrated by the outstanding outcomes for students and the ever growing backing of industry. Many thousands of students have benefited from this to date, and we look forward many thousands more having the opportunity in the future.”

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