Fourth year rise in students sitting A-level computing- Computer Weekly

Images of young people in an academic environment

According to Computer Weekly this year is the fourth year where there has been an increase in the number of students taking A- Level computing however grade attainments are dropping year-on-year.

Computer Weekly reached out to TechSkills to discuss other routes into the tech industry, here is what our CEO Kelly Nicholls said:

“Whilst a degree route is great if you achieve the entry requirements, there are many other ways into a tech career. For example, a degree apprenticeship is an exciting, highly motivational earn-as-you-learn alternative with no university fees.

“The tech industry wants new talent across all sectors to fill a broad range of job roles. You don’t need to be an experienced or talented tech person to access tech courses. If you have the passion and drive to learn new skills, you can thrive in the subject. We look forward to a more diverse cohort of students choosing a career in tech in the future.”

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