Digital Leaders reveals findings of their 2017 Women in Tech Attitudes Survey

Digital Leaders have just revealed the findings of their 2017 Attitudes Survey looking into the latest current attitudes towards women in tech.

The results of the study call for more women leaders and government support to bring women back into the sector after a career break, and to offer them apprenticeships to convert and renew their skills.

The study further reveals the tech industry has a positive agenda in the workplace (70%) with diversity training as a popular activity (50%), whilst a quarter of companies hold women returner policies and positive parental leave. However, discrimination still exists against women in the tech industry (73%) and the situation has not improved in the last year (64%). Furthermore, male employees are four times more likely to say discrimination does not exist, as 92% of male respondents said their women colleagues have the same or better promotion prospects.

The survey asked respondents for ‘calls to action’ to help move the needle on attitudes to women in tech. The top two suggestions link to the Tech Partnership’s TechFuture programmes.

Click here for more information and infographics on the Digital Leaders 2017 Attitudes Survey towards women in tech.