Digital Degree Apprentices – nominations open for Tech Industry Gold Awards 2022

Nominations are now open for the 2022 National Tech Industry Gold Degree Apprenticeship Awards.

Update: nomination deadline is now Tuesday 25 January 2022, by 17:00

These annual awards recognise the fantastic contribution digital degree apprenticeships make to building the future for individuals and organisations. This year there are awards in four categories – business contribution, innovation, special achievement and special recognition– and winners will be announced at the online event during National Apprenticeship Week (7th – 13th February 2021). Click here to book your place.

Regarding the nominations, if you know a worthy digital degree apprentice who has stood out by making an impact for their company, demonstrating their innovative streak, or doing something else unique which should be celebrated, we would love to hear from you.

HEIs or companies can submit a nomination covering the period January 2021 to January 2022 and, this year, apprentices can be nominated in more than one category. Only apprentices on Tech Industry Gold accredited digital degree apprenticeship during 2021 can be entered.

Nomination Criteria

The criteria for each category is as follows:

BUSINESS CONTRIBUTION (nominated by an employer/company)

The Award for Business Contribution in a Digital Apprenticeship role recognises the exceptional contribution to the employer with emphasis on how the apprentice has demonstrated commitment to digital technology through their technical, business, project and professional development. Criteria for this category:

  • Evidence of your nominee’s exceptional contribution with emphasis on how they have demonstrated outstanding impact and ability in the workplace, as an apprentice
  • A description of specific projects or activity outcomes which have impacted on the business

INNOVATION (nominated by either an HEI or an employer/company)

The Award for Innovation in a Digital Apprenticeship role recognises an outstanding digital technology innovation concept created and introduced by an apprentice. Criteria for this category:

  • Tell us how the concept is innovative
  • What was the apprentice’s role in this innovative development

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT (nominated by either an HEI or an employer/company)

The Award for Special Achievement in a Digital Apprenticeship role recognises unique and extraordinary success in a technical, business, project and/or professional accomplishment in their work as a digital apprentice. Criteria for this category:

  • Describe the activity or project of exceptional success the apprentice has completed
  • Why you judge this aspect of the apprentice’s work as a special achievement

SPECIAL RECOGNITION (nominated by either an HEI or an employer/company)

The Award for Special Recognition of a Digital Degree Apprentice recognises those who have demonstrated great resilience in the face of adversity over the last 12 months and continued successfully in their role. Criteria for this category:

  • A brief outline of the challenges the apprentice has faced
  • How they have shown strength, determination and resilience in the face of this adversity

All we need is up to 300 words supporting the nomination. Winners will be expected to complete a case study to promote their excellent work.

See here for more details and the nomination form:

All entries must be submitted by 17:00, Tuesday 25 January 2022