TechSkills welcomes positive outcome of Degree Apprenticeship consultation

Images of young people in an academic environment

We are pleased to announce the outcome of the eagerly awaited Degree Apprenticeship consultation by IfATE (The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education) published today, 16 December 2021.

Five changes agreed:

  1. Better Supporting graduate-entry occupations
  2. Integration of on the job and off the job training
  3. Alignment between apprenticeship KSBs & degree learning outcomes
  4. Integration of assessment
  5. Participation of an independent assessor with occupational expertise

You can read the full report here.

Throughout the consultation, TechSkills worked in close partnership with employers and HEIs to strongly argue the need to retain the degree element of the degree apprenticeship and so are delighted to see that it remains.

It is good to see that, “the changes may lead to an increase in the proportion of apprenticeships having a mandated degree, and any degree apprenticeship this applies to will ultimately need to have its degree elements fully aligned to the KSBs and, in most cases, its assessment integrated with EPA.”

The accepted proposals will further promote our excellent record of inclusion and continue to strengthen the role of employers at every stage of a digital apprenticeship, now including the External Quality Assessment of End Point Assessment. Degree learning outcomes will now closer align with KSBs providing greater clarity on the expectations of the integrated degree.

You can find out more about Tech Industry Gold accredited digital degree programmes here.