Class of 2021: I’m open to work in business and tech

Ali Shah

Name: Ali Shah
Degree Title: Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB) BSc Hons
University: Northumbria University

How did you find out about Tech Industry Gold accredited degrees?

I was researching IT courses on the internet when I came across ITMB on Northumbria University’s website. The course instantly stood out to me once I saw it was a Tech Industry Gold accredited degree. I did a bit of research on this and it confirmed that this was the course for me. 

What was the best moment of your degree experience?

The best moment definitely has to be when I found out that I achieved a First in my dissertation and in the course overall. It was such an immense and surreal feeling! However, other than that, it has to be entering the Project Showcase Competition at the end of the final year. I got to see some wonderful projects/dissertations which gave me further insight into the tech field, as well as allowing me to see what my peers have accomplished. Additionally, my project came first and I won a £100 Amazon voucher!

What was the most challenging experience?

The most challenging experience was studying completely remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic in my final year. Staying motivated was difficult at times, especially with no social aspect to the course. It was also hard being stuck in my bedroom for 6 to 7 hours almost every day! However, all that hard work paid off and I was so happy to receive a First overall!

What would you say now to yourself before you enrolled on your degree?

I would tell myself that I can do it and not doubt myself. I can do anything I put my mind to, as long as I work hard I can achieve the results I want. 

What would you say to anyone considering a Tech Industry Gold degree?

Do it! The skills I have acquired during my degree are priceless and will benefit me in all aspects of my career. Also, the mix of IT and business is great and makes the course more enjoyable, as well as allowing you to gain further skills in two different areas.  

What are you planning to do this summer?

I’m going to relax a little and enjoy some time out of my room after 9 months! Once I’ve had a bit of fun, I’ll start applying for jobs and get out into the real world!

What are your career plans?

I hope to find a role in business and tech. The types of roles that I am interested in are Business Analyst, Tech/Business Consultant, or Project Manager. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to other similar roles.

Who inspires you?

My peers have managed to achieve amazing things! My family and my parents. Those who have exceptional careers and are getting better every day e.g. Elon Musk, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more. 

Anything else to add? 

I’m actively looking for a graduate role in IT/business. I’d prefer to stay in Newcastle for now but I wouldn’t be opposed to roles based in Manchester, London, or the surrounding areas. If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, you can find my profile here: 

And finally, Congrats to the Class of 2021, we did it!

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