Class of 2021: I’m going to work for Deloitte as a Technology Consulting Analyst

Mary Obembe

Name: Mary Obembe
Degree Title: Computer Science with Business (ITMB) BSc Degree
University: Aston University

Here’s Mary’s story

How did you find out about Tech Industry Gold accredited degrees?

I found out about it just before starting Year 12 when I was picking A’ level options. I had been researching university courses that included both business and IT as I was very interested in both and wanted to make sure the A’ levels I picked would help me going into university. This is how I then came across ITMB. 

What was the best moment of your degree experience? 

There are so many great moments. I think for me the best moment was winning a work shadowing with TechSkills and shadowing the CIO of O2 Telefonica, Debra Bailey for a day. I was so inspired by the CIO and it was an experience I will always be grateful for. 

What was the most challenging experience? 

I would say the most challenging experience was when completing my Final Year Project during the pandemic. It was the biggest piece of work that I had completed during my degree so it was quite challenging and required a lot of effort. I had some challenges when it came to programming and just being motivated during lockdown. However, the hard work paid off and I was so happy to receive a First in my Final Year Project. 

What would you say now to yourself before you enrolled on your degree? 

I would probably say to myself to not give up on programming even when it gets hard and to go for programming support if you are struggling. I would also say to make the most of the events held by TechSkills, they are valuable, and it is a great way to connect with amazing students and individuals already in the industry.

What would you say to anyone considering a Tech Industry Gold degree? 

Go for it! I am so happy I chose this degree. There are so many benefits including connecting with a great community of people, connecting with employers, and building key skills which are great for your future career. Also, the mix of business and computer science modules is great and makes the course enjoyable due to the diverse range of topics. You will complete the degree having that ‘unfair advantage’! 

What are you planning to do this summer? 

After a stressful busy final year, I plan to mainly enjoy my summer break whilst doing a part-time job before starting my graduate role in September.

What are your career plans? 

I will be starting my graduate role at Deloitte in September as a Technology Consulting Analyst. After, having an amazing placement year at Deloitte, I am really looking forward to being back and develop my knowledge within consulting further. I hope to develop expertise, particularly in a technical BA role as well. 

Who inspires you?

My parents and Michelle Obama! 12

 Anything else to add?

Thank you so much to everyone at TechSkills for your support over the four years, it has been a great experience and nice being a part of an amazing community!

Watch Mary’s video providing more information about Tech Industry Gold degrees.

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