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The Unipart Group is a leading UK based logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and consultancy company. We operate in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan and work across a variety of sectors that include automotive, manufacturing, mobile telecoms, rail, retail and technology.

Unipart employs around 8,000 people worldwide, has an annual turnover of more than £1billion and has locations around the globe with large operations or joint ventures across Europe, the US, Middle East and Africa, India, China and Australia. 

With diverse international operations, effective IT solutions supported by c. 200 IT employees are essential to the business.

How Unipart works

All Unipart sites operate according to a philosophy known as The Unipart Way which is underpinned by tools and techniques that inspire efficiency, flexibility and outstanding customer service in any process. 

Almost every aspect of our operations have been accelerated by the effective use of technology. Ranging from automation to complex systems implementation and management, Unipart has complemented its ‘competitiveness edge’, The Unipart Way, with an innovative technical infrastructure that also brings together the talents of many global IT partners including IBM and Vodafone.

Graduate careers at Unipart

The Unipart Digital Leadership programme offers graduates experiences across the Unipart Group, with roles that cover a range of IT disciplines and the opportunity to continuously develop and grow your leadership potential. Experience isn’t essential, and throughout the duration of the programme we work with you to develop your technical, commercial and leadership skills.

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