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The Sainsbury’s Group is one of the UK’s leading retailers across food, clothing, general merchandise and financial services. We’re continually expanding our offer to help our customers live well for less in all sorts of exciting ways. And creating all sorts of exciting careers paths for you along the way.

At Sainsbury’s, we’re on a journey. Changing the way we operate. We’re bringing digital, tech and data together like never before. We’re testing, experimenting. Learning to think nimble. We’re giving our teams the time and freedom they need to push boundaries. To create amazing systems and technologies.

Working for Sainsbury’s

If we combine the thinking of a start-up with our size, knowledge and unmatched resources, we can create a unique kind of rational magic. After all, 70% of people in the UK use our tech. We make deliveries at record speeds. We fill millions of food cupboards each year.

Our new approach, backed with big-business influence and knowhow, is precisely why we’re looking for talented people like you to join us on our journey.

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Starting out at Sainsbury's


Kirstie, Sainsbury's"When I realised I wanted to be in tech, I found a course which had computer science modules available and swapped as many modules as I could with ones I was interested in. The rest, as they say, is history! Just goes to show, you can enter tech at any time."

Kirstie McMillan, Development Manager at Sainsbury's

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Timea, Sainsbury's"I have been coaching several teams from all over the world and decided to join Sainsbury’s in January, 2106. As we were on the beginning of our journey as a digital company, I think this was a really great time to join the teams and it is good to be part of this continuously forming and shaping environment."

Timea Molnar, Scrum Master, Digital & Technology at Sainsbury's

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Timea, Sainsbury's"I work in Software Engineering now because I love the practical side of making things to solve our users’ problems.   My job is more than just coding.  I really enjoy working in a collaborative way with our colleagues, to try to improve users’ lives and then implementing software solutions."

Freya Juniper-Nine, Senior Software Engineer, at Sainsbury's

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