Tech Industry Gold Degrees

Tech Industry Gold degrees are defined by employers to provide students with the technical, business and interpersonal skills that  place them in high demand in the tech sector.

The TechSkills Higher Education network of employers endorses Tech industry Gold degrees together with universities, updating and contributing to the curriculum to ensure they get the relevant skills for the sector.

Students can meet future employers at Tech Industry Gold Degree networking events, enter competitions, attend CV workshops & hear exclusive tech & business lectures to boost their employment prospects.

The following degrees are available:

IT Management for Business BSc (ITMB)

The IT Management for Business (ITMB) degree is an employer-designed course teaching the IT, business and interpersonal skills most in demand by graduate recruiters. Whether students go on to become a technology consultant, work in banking, marketing, IT management and more, the ITMB degree is perfect for those who want a business career in a digital economy.

Software Engineering for Business BSc

The Software Engineering for Business degree has a curriculum led by employers to teach students a balance of analytical, technical and problem-solving skills. The degree is ideal for future techies with an added opportunity to learn project management and communication skills. Students are enabled to work in a growing range of business environments from mobile technology and finance to fast-paced tech start-ups.

IT Management for Business (MSc)

The MSc IT Management for Business postgraduate course is an ideal one-year route for graduates with non-IT degrees to gain fundamental technical knowledge and develop business skills as desired by industry. This interdisciplinary programme improves the number of new entrants required to fill IT professional job roles and enables employers to recruit from a much wider pool of IT candidates.

The results speak for themselves

  • 84% of graduates gain 1sts or 2:1s, compared to 70% for Computer Science degrees overall
  • Graduates are far less likely to be unemployed six months after graduation that Computer Science graduates overall (3% v 8%)
  • There is more than double the proportion of females compared to Computer Science degrees overall (31% v 14%)

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If you're considering studying a technology course, Tech Industry Gold degrees can help you learn the skills that leading employers are looking for.

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