Applications are now open for the Tech Allies Network’s Summer Institute programme


For the second year the Summer Institute will be offering a two-week summer placement programme for first year tech undergraduates. The placement opportunity will take place at Barclays, GSK, and IBM in London, from Monday 15th July 2019 to Friday 26th July 2019.

Students will create a solution to a problem using the Design Sprint methodology, attend a range of supporting masterclasses and gain insight into how technology is applied to drive innovation.

Last year Tech Industry Gold undergraduates took part in the new initiative, organised by the Tech Allies Network, where  students began to master critical thinking in a business context, teamwork, leadership skills and dealing with ‘curve balls’. They heard from experts in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to data science and learned the art of public speaking and presentation skills. The students applied the skills they learned in their final presentations and their delivery was impressive, well-rehearsed, using Prezi and PowerPoint proficiently.

Keith Little, CIO at Barclaycard and a Board member for Tech Partnership Degrees, said, ‘The Summer Institute is an excellent initiative. The partnering together of three very different companies, Barclays, GSK, and IBM gave first-year students a unique placement experience. When the students head back to university in the autumn, they can apply what they have learned from industry over the course of their degree – bringing together practical experience and academic study. We are pleased to be part of this exciting programme working with academia and industry to provide opportunities for future talent.’

Most students usually experience one or two industries before committing to the start of their career, whereas the Tech Allies Summer Institute programme enables students to become more informed about the range of opportunities available.

The Tech Allies Network was set up by Tech Industry Gold alumni who continue to support and mentor undergraduates and new graduates entering the tech industry.

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