Anushka- Finalist for Multicultural Apprenticeship awards

In July the Multicultural Apprenticeship awards revealed their shortlist for nominees, we are very pleased to say Tech Industry Gold degree apprentice Anushka Suman was one of the nominees.

Anushka is a finalist for judges’ choice, she is a Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprentice studying at Blackpool and The Fylde college and working at Vodafone.

Read on to see what she has to say about her nomination.


Would you please be able to give a summary of what the Multicultural apprenticeship awards are?

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards showcases the variety of talent and hard work of apprentices across the UK within BAME communities

How did you find out that you were a finalist, and do you know why you were nominated?

I found out I was a finalist by watching the shortlist reveal online while I was at work. It’s a huge honor. I was nominated by my employer, colleagues, and my university.

How did you feel when you found out you were a finalist for the judge’s choice award?

It was honestly a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting to be a finalist at all, let alone in the judges’ choices category! I’m happy to even get this far.

It is an amazing achievement- are you going to be attending the awards ceremony?

Yes I am! I hope to bring my friends and family.

What made you want to do a degree apprenticeship?

I wanted to explore my options when I was in sixth form so when I found degree apprenticeships, I felt I could have the best of both worlds in the sense that I am able to earn/work and study towards a degree with no cost.

Did you find the process of finding a degree apprenticeship hard?

I think I did at first, but with a little practice it definitely got easier and I felt that I adapted quickly due to my extroverted personality.

You currently use TikTok to speak about degree apprenticeships and why they are a great option for young people today, how did you get into this?

I got into TikTok at the end of 2021 because I was mentoring students all the time and speaking to people who were really interested in my career pathway. I wanted to be able to shine a light on doing an apprenticeship as I had really enjoyed my first year and wanted to document it for other people to see!

Of all the advice you give about doing degree apprenticeships, finding them and how to manage it. Is there any advice that you think is the most important for young people to know?

The most important piece of advice for young people to know about degree apprenticeships is that your academia alone cannot get you the job. Employers look for an outgoing, easy going individual that can work well under pressure, but also someone they can go to lunch with and chat about what they did on the weekend with. So, it’s important to show your personality and give your interviewer a smile!


For more tips and insight into degree apprenticeships see Anushka’s TikTok account here